Q:  How do I know if my part is right for the injection molding process?

  • Any part in today’s world can be manufactured with the right attitude. We look at the form, fit, and function of the part. The configuration of the part has to lend itself to the process of being injected into a mold, then extracted without damaging the part or mold.

Q:         What type of information does VAMCO need to produce a quote for the molding project?

  • VAMCO will take any type of drawing you may have be it on a napkin or a CAD drawing. Of course we prefer the latter but we do enjoy starting at the beginning with our customer. If you have a prototype in existance that will also work.

Q:     What is the minimum quantity for an order?

  • This varies depending on the product.

Q:     What are the part size requirements?

  • VAMCO has a maximum shot size of 8oz.

Q:        Can you suggest a material for my part?

  • We have several different types of material in many durometers. We will suggest a few different types of material and let you decide what will best fit your parts needs.

Q:     How is a new project developed?

  • We begin with a CAD design. Then we will modify the drawing to be efficiently molded. We then make chips and cut your tool for producing the part. The final step will be passed to production and will produce sample parts for your approval.

Q:        What types of molding services and processes does VAMCO offer?

  • We specialize in customized parts that can have texture or no textured. We also offer hand loading and over molding as part of the molding process.

Q:        Does VAMCO sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

  • Yes, as an American Manufacturer we are aware of the problems some customers have had with Chinese producers who may not honor NDAs. We review the NDAs with in-house council to ensure the intellectual property of our customers is fully protected.

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