Whether you part is a sketch on paper or in a CAD file we will take your product to the next level. Whatever your project we can help you get there through preliminary product design, part refinement, mold design and full production runs.

Our team is concerned with quality long before the mold is cut and production begins. 30 years of combined experience account for smart part production as well as a keen awareness of the environmental factors plastics experience post-production. Production begins with thorough plans. We trouble-shoot early in the design process to ensure quality in the overall life-cycle of your part.

An understanding of this process begins with knowledge of form, fit, and function as well as their interdependencies:

Form refers to the general shape of your part. In the design process, it is the leap from concept to reality. Form is comprised of various elements such as the thickness of the thermoplastic walls or the extent of detail in each design. Form is vital in considering draft. Draft refers to how the part will pull out of the mold. Sometimes multiple components are necessary.

Fit enables the interface between the environment and human elements for optimal function. This applies to ergonomic grips as well components in musical instruments. Without elegant and adequate fit and form, function is compromised. Fit refers to industrial standard tight-tolerance, but also to the overall fit of feasible blueprints and cost control. Fit is the bridge between perfect tool and the part’s final functional destination.

Function is the effectiveness of your part, out in the world as part of your final product, or as a sole entity. Function is the result of painstaking attention to the interstices of part, mold, and process design.


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